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Our History

Team Illinois Hockey Is one of the most respected, long-standing highly successful AAA youth hockey clubs in North America.  Founded in 1982, Team Illinois is synonymous with success both on and off the ice.

Since the Club’s inception excellence has been the standard from day one.  Thousands of players have benefitted from Team Illinois’ commitment to excellence and have used their experience to help prepare them for success both personally and professionally.

Our teams have captured 6 USA Hockey National Championships, 7 National Runner Ups, and has won approximately 100 State Championships over the years.

Team Illinois has competed nationally and internationally in the top tournaments across North America over 4 decades.  Our teams have won countless tournament Championships, with two of our teams (10U and 12U) capturing tournament championships in 2016 at the CCM World Invitational in Chicago.

Over the years our coaching staff has been comprised of hockey professionals dedicated to the development and advancement of all players wearing the blue and white.  Our current coaching staff includes former college players, former college coaches, former NHL players, creating a staff from top to bottom that offers the best coaching available to aspiring elite level hockey players.

Team Illinois is committed to the development, both on and off the ice, for all of its players and will do everything we can to help advance all of players to achieve success beyond their dreams.

About aaa Hockey

AAA Hockey, also known as “Tier I” is the top competition level available to youth hockey players in the United States.  The Tier I AAA designation is established by USA Hockey, the governing body for Amateur and Olympic hockey in the United States.  USA Hockey makes all determinations on the youth organizations that are allowed to carry the Tier I designation.  These designations are established through USA Hockey affiliates, with the Illinois affiliate being the Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois (AHAI).AAA Hockey comprises the very best players in both the United States and Canada. This level of hockey typically draws very dedicated and committed players and families. The commitment to AAA hockey requires being on the ice 5-7 days per week, includes extensive travel, and also requires a monetary commitment far above the recreation level. Most AAA teams will play anywhere between 55-85 games per year and practice 2-4 times per week. AAA hockey is available for both boys and girls.

AAA begins for boys at the age of 9 and then continues through the age of 18. Each level is designed as a birth year level only until players reach the age of 17. The birth year designations are - 9 & under - 9U, 10u, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, and 18U (includes 17 year olds). National bound teams begin at the 14U age level. 

AAA for girls begins at the age of 11 and then continues through the age of 19. Each level is composed of multiple birth years that compete as one team until players reach the age of 19. The age designations for girls hockey are 12U, 14U, 16U ad 19U. National bound teams begin at the 14U age level. 

Illinois Hockey

In Illinois, AAA tryouts are held each year in mid-May for boys 9U thru 14U and all girls teams. Tryouts for boys 15U, 16U and 18U are held end of May. Teams are made up from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 20 players. Official practice will start in August according to the AHAI guidelines and typically runs through the end of March. A typical schedule includes weeknight practices and weekend games.

Once the traditional season ends in March most AAA clubs will run a spring program that begins in April and runs to mid-May, ending right before tryouts. It is always a very good idea for players who wish to try out for AAA in May. In Illinois, unlike Tier 2 hockey, AAA players are not limited to two choices. Players can move freely from one AAA club to another after a season is completed in March.

Almost all college and professional players have some - if not extensive - AAA hockey experience as youth players. AAA hockey provides the best coaching, competition, and overall development model for high level youth players.

Player Advancement

Almost all college and professional players have some if not extensive AAA hockey experience as youth players. AAA hockey provides the best coaching, best competition, and overall best development model for high level youth players.


Junior Hockey


NCAA D I + III Commits


Professional Players

Board of Directors

  • Sean Freeman

    (847) 274-1155

  • Eugene Cha

    Vice President & ACE Director
    (773) 580-2300

  • James Chiarelli

    R & E Chairman
    (847) 881-7149

  • Ami Freeman

    Board Member
    (847) 609-4489

  • Jim Marchi

    Board Member
    (847) 867-2057

Hockey Operations

  • Sean Freeman

    Hockey Director
    (847) 274-1155

  • Sanya Sandahl

    Girls Hockey Director
    (651) 808-0088

  • Rob Hutson

    Director of Player Advancement
    (847) 754-5708

  • Jenni Cha

    (773) 680-9366

  • Marisol Aguilar

    Financial Manager
    (312) 330-7526

  • Cassady Chiarelli

    Volunteer Coordinator
    (312) 804-5179

  • Meaghan Cheverette

    Billet Coordinator
    (262) 344-2681


    Associate Hockey Director and Skills Director
    (224) 688-3543


Address: Addison Ice Arena - 475 S Grace St, Addison, IL 60101
Phone: (630) 543-9200