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Team Illinois AAA Hockey

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AAA Hockey comprises the very best players in both the United States and Canada. This level of hockey typically draws very dedicated and committed players and families. The commitment to AAA hockey requires being on the ice 5-7 days per week, includes extensive travel, and also requires a monetary commitment far above the recreation level. Most AAA teams will play anywhere between 55-85 games per year and practice 2-4 times per week. AAA hockey is available for both boys and girls.

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Team Illinois AAA Hockey

Tier 1 Boys Coaches

Blake Sorensen

Brian Seery

Chris Bolognino

Chris Ferraro

Conor Allen

Daniel Sarnecki

David Sima

Eugene Cha

Greg Wasserman

Ian Mack

Jack Hickey

Jamie Carroll

Jeff Vertucci

Jeremy Mounce

John Wallin

John Wright

Johnathan Deptula

Matt Kammer

Mike Mufarreh

Peter Ferraro

Rick Mack

Rob Hutson

Sam Mannion

Sam Povorozniouk

Sean Berens

Sean Freeman

Stu Gould

Tim Stapleton

Tom Schaul